What is NewsSlide?

PG NewsSlide for iPad

NewsSlide is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s transformational new mobile news platform that delivers a visually powerful, immersive experience. This is more than an app — it’s a new way to tell the stories that matter most to you. NewsSlide goes beyond words and pictures, into a completely reimagined multimedia experience with a depth and breadth of coverage second to none.

We built NewsSlide to give our readers a deeper experience and to enable our award-winning journalists to cover more of the story. As the region’s largest newspaper and most visited news website, we are uniquely positioned to bring our community forward into the future of news.

NewsSlide will deliver the unparalleled reporting and commentary on Pittsburgh’s sports teams and award-winning news coverage you’ve come to expect from the Post-Gazette. But it will deliver that coverage in a way that allows our readers the opportunity to interact and experience more than ever possible in the past.

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